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Personalized Communication
with Every Customer

Building & improving customer relationships has never been easier.

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Niki Leondakis

Niki Leondakis
CEO, Commune Hotels

“Service delivery is being changed in a pretty fundamental way, and for us, guest communication powered by Checkmate is at the heart of this change.”


Nicholas Gandossi
GM, OPUS Hotel Vancouver

“I love how Checkmate’s text messaging system has allowed the hotel to seamlessly engage with all of our guests in a much more effective and personalized manner.”


Emmanuel Lavoie
VP, Leavetown.com Travel Agency

“The response rate to our messages went from less than 5% to over 60%!  The guest is left feeling that Leavetown really cares about them and their vacation experience. “

Personalized + Automated + Integrated

Automatically send personalized communications to the right customers
at the right time using data from your existing systems.
Your customers stay informed and you save time, it’s a win-win!


Delight Your Customers!

Take your Customer Service to the Next Level!
Real-Time Messaging makes it easy for your customers to reach out.
No phone trees and no hold times. Better service = Better reviews.


Real-Time Feedback & Recovery

Don’t wait for feedback through surveys and online review sites.
Learn about your customers’ experience in real-time.
Correct negative experiences, and turn loyal customers into brand evangelists! 


Retain & Recognize Repeat Business

Show your customers you care by remembering their preferences
and recognizing their loyalty. View your entire customer history in one convenient place.


We Serve Businesses That Love Customer Service


Start Benefiting From Enhanced Service & Operations


Save Time

Improve Team Collaboration

Automate Tasks

Gain Operational Insights

Integrate Customer Data From Your Business Management System


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